•  Operator friendly and unique AutoCal
   functionality for easy use.
•  Straightforward and easy implementation
   in existing workflows.
•  Industry proven design (IP 69/ X9K certified) based
   on extensive process  expertise.
•  Cost efficient with an average payback period
   of less than one year.

•  Fast quality control of batch samples.
•  Hygienic design for easy cleaning.
   Perfect fit for the food & feed industry.
•  Dust and Waterproof (IP69).
•  Intuitive user interface for quick and easy
   measurements of various parameters.
•  Wide range of precalibration packages.
•  Unique autocal function, to get your results faster.

for process control in production

for QC in your lab and atline

all along the production line with:

quality in your hands

NIR-Online X-Sential™


Get ready for NIR  

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