Practical Pocket Cards with Essential Kjeldahl Knowledge 

Get the 19 Cue Cards to master the Kjeldahl Method 

• Recognizes the start of the condensation process
• Adjusts distillation start time accordingly
• Distillation volume unaffected by internal
  temperature differences of the device

• Stops distillation automatically after a
  defined condensate volume is reached
• Achieves highly reproducible results
• For any vessel size and shape

Starts distillation automatically

Highly accurate measurements

Reaction Detection Sensor

Saves reagent consumption

• Optimizes the alkalization step
• Stops dosing of NaOH at optimum
• Saves up to 30% of reagent

AutoDist Function

OnLevel Sensor

with BUCHI’s Kjel Line & Dist Line 

quality in your hands.

Maximize Accuracy & Performance

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